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natural bath & beauty products

For Damaged or Sensitive Skin

Welcome to Timeout4me's online store and blog!  I created Timeout4me to solve a common problem--people with dry, damaged, or sensitive skin NEED soaps and beauty products that actually improve their skin conditions, instead of making them worse.  So, I've removed many of the dyes from my products, as well as preservatives and other unnecessary chemicals.  Some of my soaps don't even have fragrances added.  And if you don't see something you can use, I can try to make it for you.

ALL of my skin-care products can be purchased on this website. Weight-based shipping, which can frequently save you money, is available there.

For the month of October, with every Timeout4me purchase, you will receive a free sample of my natural translucent facial powder.

Timeout4me has a 100% customer satisfaction rating.  Here's a sample of our reviews, this one from Shannan:

"Druann's products are amazing! I started using her products about a month ago and my skin not only looks better but feels softer and cleaner. I love the smell of the toner and the moisturizer is a treat at the end of a long day. My husband noticed that my skin is clearer! Thanks Druann, I will be back!"

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