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As I Sit Here Pecking

It has been several months since I've posted anything on my blog, so despite not having two hands I decided to try.  Here's an update on  my crazy life, as well as what I've been doing at Timeout4me.

In July I finally had the surgery I have been working toward for one year.  Due to a previously botched relatively simple deviated septum surgery, my sinus passages collapsed and I could no longer breathe through my nose.  Well, we need our noses, so I went to a specialist in Cleveland, one who handles tricky surgery.  In an 8-hour surgery he removed one of my ribs and rebuilt my nose.  I now have probably the strongest nose around.  

But, of course, there were complications.  I have a bleeding disorder, so I threw up blood for several hours which sent my blood pressure into a tizzy and I was dangerously low.  They kept me in the hospital for an additional day until I stabilized.  

A week later, while still taking pain medication, I went through another surgery.  They had to put me to sleep, which went okay, but I was a bit of a zombie.  A week later, I had a third procedure where I had to be put to sleep.  Why so many procedures?  I inherited some of my father's heart conditions, as well as a messed up esophagus.

Anyway, my body was still sedated and I wasn't thinking too clearly when I decided to bathe my dog who had eaten some pears that didn't agree with him.  As we were coming down the stairs (I bathed him in a bathtub because he likes warm water), he pulled on his leash and I fell down 11 steps, breaking my hand.  I'm lucky that's all I broke.  Unfortunately, after 5 weeks it's not showing any signs of healing--which is why I'm currently pecking away at my computer.

Now for the good news.  I'm through with procedures for a while and have been embroidering bags for my purse line.  You don't need but one hand to embroider.  I've posted the bags that were done prior to my fall.  I have about 20 more that need to be sewn up but I haven't tried to get my cast around the machine yet.  Why ask for trouble, right?

Why am I making cross-body bags, you ask?  Well, we plan to retire to The Villages in Florida in May 2018 and we were down there this June enjoying the dancing at one of the squares. BTW, The Villages is the largest retirement community in the United States.  Anyway, I saw a woman who was dancing take her heavy purse off her shoulder and lay it in the ground at her feet.  That's not safe or sanitary and I decided right then and there that there were probably more women who could use a lightweight decorative purse.  

So, I'm making them.  Each one is unique.  Each one is creative, and I'm having a great time accessorizing them.  Wouldn't you love one?

Oh, I still can't feel my nose or breathe too well through it.  Recovery is supposed to be one full year, but the thought of the possibilities keeps me smiling.

Next post: a pay-it-forward idea you can all help me with.

Stay tuned,


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