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  • Mineral Makeup Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

    I started making mineral makeup several months ago when my very expensive mineral makeup ran out. A friend took me to the mall in Toledo so I could buy just a few things. After spending $10 on a lip gloss, I realized that I was too cheap to keep shopping.

  • Timeout4me's website is up and running

    I am so thrilled with my new website. It's much easier to navigate than the old one. Shipping has also been simplified.

  • Which to Buy? Astringent or Toner

    Both astringents and toners are important products necessary for regular facial skin care. They are also designed with a similar purpose: 1. to remove excess cleanser and makeup residue from the skin, 2.

  • Need Suggestions for New Baskets

    Many of my gift baskets have sold out, so I need to create new ones.  Then I thought, what better way to do that than to ask my customers to generate their perfect gift basket?  So, I'm asking that you go to my website and pick out five items that you would like to find in a basket.  Then, just respond to this blog with the names of those items, and your email address (so I can get your mailing address privately), and I will send you a free bar of soap.  I'll even let you cho...

  • Facial Scrubs on Sale at

    Now is a great time to buy one of my facial scrubs.  I am introducing a new line of scrubs and need to clear out my current inventory.  It's not because the products are old, either.  It's because I've purchased new containers, and my vanity demands that they all match in appearance So, out with the old and in with the new.  You reap the benefits of my change in design. Just go to my store on and look for any scrub with a red sale sign. As an added bonus, from ...

  • Why Use Facial Scrubs?

    Regardless of your skin type, everyone can use a facial scrub, and here's why: It sloughs off dead skin cells Gives your skin a healthy glow--dead skin cells make your skin look dull It smooths your skin.  And it will feel baby soft for most of the day. It improves circulation.  Want a rosy glow?  Use a facial scrub. You will actually feel better.  Not only does the scrub make your face feel better, but the actual process of rubbing it on your face makes YOU feel better--espe...

  • Here's My Woman Cave

  • How to Make a Quick Laundry Detergent

    Ingredients: 3 Tablespoons Borax 3 Tablespoons Washing Soda 2 Tablespoons Dawn Dish soap 4 cups boiling water Pour all the dry ingredients, plus the Dawn, in a one-gallon jug. Mix in 4 cups boiling water. Shake until ingredients are dissolved in the liquid.

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  • Timeout4me will close in January

    Much has been going on in my life lately that I wanted to share with my customers/friends.  With the death of my brother and mother, I've had to reevaluate what's important in life, and I've come to the conclusion that "living fully" is something I must do now--not at 65 when society tells us we should "retire."  What does retirement mean anyway?  I don't intend to retire from life, but rediscover it.So, my husband and I are buying a 5th wheel r...

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