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  • 3 Hacks to Prevent Sunburn

      Here are 3 hints on how to protect yourself from the sun, straight from Family Circle...with my added comments.  Put your sunscreen on 15 minutes before going outside. It takes time for it to be absorbed in the body.

  • Eyeshadow Sales will Benefit Findlay Animal Shelter

      Timeout4me's pay-it-forward program will benefit from all eye shadow sales over the next month. I've decided to give 10% of all eyeshadow sales to our local animal shelter here in Findlay, Ohio. They can use money and supplies.

  • 5 Soaps Now Clearanced Priced at Timeout4me

       I am busy making new batches of soap, and to make space in my workshop, I'm clearancing out soaps that only have a few bars left from a batch.  Now's the time to buy!  Five of Timeout4me's $6 soaps are now priced at $3.

  • Timeout4me Customers Have Made Over 2,000 People Happy

      Your Purchases Made a Difference in People's Lives I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you matter.  That your purchases at Timeout4me this year had a positive impact on over 2,000 lives this holiday season, and will continue to touch thousands as Timeout4me continues to grow. Over 2,000 People Fed a Thanksgiving Dinner  I spent Thanksgiving week preparing desserts for a Thanksgiving meal that my church, Stonebridge, sponsors each year.

  • Free Christmas Nativity Story Gift Booklet

    For those of you who have asked, here it is, the PDF for the 4-panel Christmas booklet that tells the Biblical story of Jesus' birth.  Just cut out the four panels, put them in order, punch a hole in the upper left hand corner, and attach them to a gift with some lovely ribbon. This came from some website, name now forgotten.

  • You Can Give Someone a Great Thanksgiving

      There are many in the United States who don't have anything special to give thanks for this holiday season.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  You can make a difference.

  • Save 50% on Your Holiday Shopping with Timeout4me

    Here's your chance to both help Timeout4me AND save on your Christmas shopping. Between now and Nov. 15, take a picture of yourself wearing one of Timeout4me's lipsticks and send me the photo at

  • Choosing the Correct Eyeshadow

      When you are choosing eyeshadow, think of the color wheel. If you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, choose a color that falls on the opposite side of the color wheel from the color of your iris. If you want an eyeshadow that is within the same color range as your eyes, select a shade lighter than your eyes and lay on the eyeliner and mascara.

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  • Please buy your makeup at Springtime in Ohio

    I have been AWOL from my blog lately, as well as my newsletter, as I try to get ready for a big craft show, Springtime in Ohio.  It will be May 6 and 7 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Hancock County Fairgrounds, here in Findlay.Timeout4me will be in Building A, Booth 44, and I will have new lipsticks, a new light/medium "brightener" and eight new soaps.  I am restocking all of my makeups, so everything will be fresh.If you read this blog post, leave a message and your email addr...

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