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  • Lipsticks in Shades of Pink
  • Lipsticks in Shades of Pink
  • Lipsticks in Shades of Pink
  • Lipsticks in Shades of Pink

Lipsticks in Shades of Pink




Timout4me’s lipstick is designed for those who want color on their lips but are tired of those waxy lipsticks that only seem to emphasize your dry, cracked lips.  The pinks are all Vegan.

Timeout4me's lipstick is all-natural, made from soothing, premium ingredients, like jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Shades are: Pearlized Pink, Sparkling Pink, and Rose Gold.

Pearlized Pink is the most opaque of the three.  Think 60's hot pink with some shine.

Rose Gold is a wonderful shade that mixes gold micas with a variety of reds and pinks.

Sparkling Pink is a mixture of rose pearl, gold, and violet micas.  It is a lighter shade than the other two pinks.

Use the pull-down menu to select your shade.

What's the difference between my "opaque" lipsticks and my "vegan" ones?  Two things.  First, all of my lipsticks are opaque; however, those labeled as "opaque" are not quite as shiny as the "vegan."  Second, the vegan lipsticks are...vegan.  I do not use beeswax in my vegan lipsticks.

All Timeout4me lipsticks are made from Jojoba Oil, which is a liquid wax. Renowned for its absorption and moisturizing abilities, our jojoba oil is expeller pressed from the Jojoba Seed. Because of its fatty acid make up, jojoba oil is very resistant to oxidation (and rancidity) and has a very long shelf life.

It takes 1200 Jojoba nuts to add up to a pound which has a 50% yield of oil, which is one of the reasons it is more expensive than other oils.  But you are worth it!

.15 ml lip balm tube.

Vegan Ingredients: Castor oil, Jojoba oil, Candelilla Wax, Eco Soya wax, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E, oxides, and micas.

You can also buy 3 tubes for $14 and save on shipping.  See my Lipstick Combo listing.

Customer Melanie Church left this review about "Pearlized Pink":
"Gorgeous pearl pink color. A much more prettier natural alternative to wearing heavy chemical filled lipstick."

Customer Mary left this review:
"Love my new products! I won't be without the lipstick. It's perfect for me! The toner is heavenly and the lotion feels like silk! Made me feel wonderful even in the sub zero weather! Thank you Druann!"