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Mineral Makeup Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

I started making mineral makeup several months ago when my very expensive mineral makeup ran out. A friend took me to the mall in Toledo so I could buy just a few things. After spending $10 on a lip gloss, I realized that I was too cheap to keep shopping. She ran up a $500 bill on makeup.

I just knew there had to be a better way. I could spend a fortune having makeup custom blended for me, or…heaven forbid…I could blend it myself.

I had already amassed a sizeable collection of micas. I love them in my soaps because they glitter. So I started to do research on makeup. I knew that I wanted the best for my skin. I wasn’t going to create makeup from cornstarch. And I wanted it to breathe. I didn’t want my makeup to highlight my wrinkles. I also wanted it to match my skin tone and not look fake.

And I didn’t want a makeup routine that took longer than 10 minutes. I’m always running late. It’s a personal flaw, made worse by late nights.

I now make a matte finish mineral foundation in four shades and a bronzer in two shades. I can add minerals to lighten or darken the shade. I can also make it more or less translucent.

Yesterday, I mixed my light/medium foundation with equal amounts of light bronzer. I’m hooked on that combination. It gives me a bit of shimmer with full coverage.

I’m also experimenting with mineral eye shadow. This weekend I ripped out pages from a magazine that featured this season’s hot fashions. I mixed and mixed and created these jewel-toned shades that I can’t wait to wear.

Next up is blush. I’m working on two different shades.

I would really like everyone to try my mineral makeup. Why not send me ideas on your ideal shade and coverage amount? I can make you up a sample for $5. We can tweak it from there until it’s perfect. I’ll keep individual records on each of you and whenever you need more, I can mix it up and ship it to you. Or you can try my $15 5 ounce jar and buy samples to mix in it. Each sample is only $3.50 and it will only increase your total net weight of makeup.

I would also really appreciate feedback or suggestions for other products. My greatest joy is making skin-care  products that you love, so TELL ME what you love!

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