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  • Mocha Latte Soap Features Coffee and Chocolate

Mocha Latte Soap Features Coffee and Chocolate



These soaps are a coffee-lovers dream. Each is heavily infused with coffee, coffee beans, coffee grounds, dark cocoa, and coffee bean, as well as chocolate, fragrance oil. It smells heavenly--perfect for at the kitchen sink to remove food odors or in the shower for an early morning jolt of coffee scent.

The Mocha Latte soap is also quite beautiful with its two layers--one a dark chocolate color, the other a cream-colored topping that is decorated with whole coffee beans. Yummy!--But don't eat it. THIS IS NOT A FOOD PRODUCT!

Each bar weighs 4.5-5 ounces, which is a bit more than most soap bars. The ingredients make this a soothing bar that has a great lather. It does not have the abrasiveness of a cinnamon or oatmeal soap, so purchase it for its soothing qualities, its ability to neutralize odors, and its wonderful scent.

The ingredients are (in order of amount) olive oil, extra-strength coffee (instead of water), used coffee grounds (I used the grounds that produced the coffee for this batch), palm oil, coconut oil, aloe liquid, sodium hydroxide, Dutch cocoa powder (3 tablespoons to give it it's chocolatey/coffee scent and dark color), and Crafter's Choice Coffee Bean fragrance oil combined with Dark Rich Chocolate fragrance oil. No artificial colors were added to the chocolate/coffee base. I added a bit of titanium dioxide to the top layer to lighten it.

Before you use this soap, please remove the coffee beans. We wouldn't want to stop up your drain.