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  • Pumice Me! Body Soap/Scrub
  • Pumice Me! Body Soap/Scrub

Pumice Me! Body Soap/Scrub

body soap



Need a gift for a male?  He'll love this one!  It's also perfect for the kitchen or scrub sink.  Each soap bar is made to order.  I guarantee its freshness.

This is one tough bar of soap—half soap and half pumice--yet it smells wonderful.  There are many choices of fragrance.

I can't rave about this soap enough.  It's the ONLY one my husband will use.  It has just the right amount of lather, the fragrances are wonderful, and the scrubbiness factor is perfect.

The pumice is mixed thoroughly, so you will still  have that “scrubability” when you are down to just a sliver of a bar.

Ingredients: melt and pour soap, pumice, micas, coloring, and essential and fragrance oils.

Each bar is oval shaped and weighs 4-4.5 ounces.  Each bar comes shrinkwrapped.