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Timeout4me Customers Have Made Over 2,000 People Happy


Your Purchases Made a Difference in People's Lives

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you matter.  That your purchases at Timeout4me this year had a positive impact on over 2,000 lives this holiday season, and will continue to touch thousands as Timeout4me continues to grow.

Over 2,000 People Fed a Thanksgiving Dinner 

I spent Thanksgiving week preparing desserts for a Thanksgiving meal that my church, Stonebridge, sponsors each year.  We have volunteers from all across the area who donate their time, money, cooking talents, and love to make Thanksgiving a brighter holiday for some.  This year we served over 2,000 people, people who weren't necessarily poor but just didn't want to spend the day alone.  

Let me tell you about Mary.  She is a 70+ year old woman who showed up at Stonebridge Wednesday night to help prep food for the next day.  When she saw me cutting pies alone, she left the kitchen and came to help me.  After working for 3 hours, she volunteered to return at 8 a.m. to help me get the desserts out into the dining room.  We were serving pies--all kinds.  Now, Mary isn't strapped financially.  You might say she has it all.  Except she told me that she had no one to go home to, and no one to spend Thanksgiving with.  So she spent it with us, and I feel especially blessed by her presence.

Timeout4me donated $200 to buy pies for the event.  We were able to provide 55 pies for this dinner.  I say "we" because you made it possible.  The money came from my Pay-it-Forward program, where I put 10 percent of my sales in a special account so we can use it for a good cause.  This was certainly a good cause.  So, thank you for making that possible.

You made 2,000 people happy because of your purchases.  Make that 2,001.  Me.

Good Soap is not just for the Priviledged 

Last week I heard that our City Mission, a non-profit that provides food, shelter, and training for those who are not as fortunate as some of us, was in need of cleaning supplies.  Their residents have been bathing, washing their hair, as well as their clothing, with laundry detergent.  They can't afford to buy separate cleaners.  OK, so maybe I'm out of touch, but I was horrified to hear that.

So, I reached into Timeout4me's stash of handmade, quality soaps and gathered up 25 bars of soap that are perfect for either face or body.  They will be donated to the City Mission this week, and I will continue to make regular donations.

You also have made this possible. 

Please send me suggestions

2015 was a banner year for Timeout4me and I have no reason to not expect it to continue to grow.  So I need your help.  Send me suggestions on organizations that can use our help.  And is there anything you can do in your area to help?  Please let me know what you do on your end so I can share it with others.  Never buy into the idea that one person can't make a difference.  Whether we work individually or as a group, we CAN help others.

And, remember, for every dollar you spend at Timeout4me, 10 cents goes to a worthy cause.

God bless you, and have a Merry Christmas!


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