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  • DIY Relief for Puffiness Under Eyes

    Cooling Cucumber Mask1 large cucumber2 TBSP coconut oil1/4 cup aloe vera gel8 drops of essential oil (optional)Blend all ingredients together until all ingredients form a smooth cream. I use my Bullet to do my blending. A stick blender will also work.

  • Update on Purses With Purpose

    Here are the totals as of 12/6.  3 weeks to go.  Please know that with every purchase you make at Timeout4me, you are helping at least one woman make a better life for herself.Fundraising Thermometer by:

  • Blog Series on Essential Oil Use

    I'm starting a new blog series about the many uses for essential oils. Use #15--Eliminate shower curtain scumUsing a 16-ounce spray bottle, use four drops of eucalyptus essential oil and four drops of tea tree oil (melaleuca) with warm water; spray onto your shower for natural mold killing action.Use #16--Sweet Smelling LaundryGet some wool dryer balls (better than dryer sheets) and scent them with your favorite essential oil.  It cuts your drying time by 50% and your laundry smell...

  • Don't Miss These "Boo" tishess Discounts at Timeout4me

    Please take 15% off at Timeout4me by using discount code HOLIDAY14.  $20 minimum order.  Good until 12/31/16.

  • DIY Recipe for Cucumber Facial Mask

    NOTE: I'm reposting this because I found another great use for this mask.   It relieves the swelling in my broken hand.  Yeah!Natural Cooling Cucumber Mask· 1 large cucumber · 2 TBSPcoconut oil · 1/4 cup aloe vera gel · 8 drops of essential oil (optional)Blend all ingredients together until they form a smooth cream.

  • 3 Hacks to Prevent Sunburn

      Here are 3 hints on how to protect yourself from the sun, straight from Family Circle...with my added comments.  Put your sunscreen on 15 minutes before going outside. It takes time for it to be absorbed in the body.

  • Free Christmas Nativity Story Gift Booklet

    For those of you who have asked, here it is, the PDF for the 4-panel Christmas booklet that tells the Biblical story of Jesus' birth.  Just cut out the four panels, put them in order, punch a hole in the upper left hand corner, and attach them to a gift with some lovely ribbon. This came from some website, name now forgotten.

  • Choosing the Correct Eyeshadow

      When you are choosing eyeshadow, think of the color wheel. If you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, choose a color that falls on the opposite side of the color wheel from the color of your iris. If you want an eyeshadow that is within the same color range as your eyes, select a shade lighter than your eyes and lay on the eyeliner and mascara.