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  • Tough Girl Soap for Heavy Duty Dirt or Rough Skin
  • Tough Girl Soap for Heavy Duty Dirt or Rough Skin
  • Tough Girl Soap for Heavy Duty Dirt or Rough Skin
  • Tough Girl Soap for Heavy Duty Dirt or Rough Skin

Tough Girl Soap for Heavy Duty Dirt or Rough Skin

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Girls can get as dirty, if not dirtier, as men, but we want to clean up with something that appeals to our feminine side.  Tough Girl soap gets the job done, plus we’re treated to two choices of fragrances:  Strawberry or Peach.

Use Tough Girl on your body, not your face.  It’s filled with 18 ingredients that are designed to remove heavy-duty dirt, the kind you get after gardening, mucking out a stall, or painting (I do a lot of painting).    Baking soda, Calendula petals, Himalayan Sea Salt, Almond Meal, and Poppy Seeds have been added to amp up the abrasiveness of this soap.   It gets the job done quickly.

The Peach soap also includes pureed peaches, which gives it its natural color.

Each bar weighs 5 ounces and measures 3.5X2X2.  It is shrinkwrapped to keep it sanitized, and each bar is then wrapped with a colorful Tough Girl label that features Rosy the Riveter. (My mom was one, so she inspired the label).

Tough Girl Ingredients for Strawberry: Almond milk, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil flakes, castor oil, shea butter, baking soda, glycerin, aloe vera liquid, calendula petals, almond meal, Himalayan sea salt, poppy seeds, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, tea tree essential oil and strawberry fragrance oil.

Tough Girl Ingredients for Peach: Same ingredients as Strawberry, except I've substituted Peach fragrance oil and added pureed peaches.

Customer SealClubber666 said:

"Woah. This bar is life. I'm not sure how long this bar typically lasts for, but I think it'll be used up in 2 weeks cause I can't stop scrubbing this all over me. I claim Tough Girl the holy grail of body bars. I use to buy hempz body wash, but then I realized what a waste of money and energy going out to buy a 25 dollar soap filled with chemicals and fake fragrance. This bar has less ingredients, costs less, lasts just as long, and yet is more beneficial to my skin. I had small hair bumps on my arms that I was insecure about, but this bar cleared them up! It's weird to have smooth arms again. And it smells beautiful. Hempz never cleared anything up for me or sent me a thank you note or give me free samples (thank you btw) This place is so good to me, I'll never stop coming here."

Customer g2898 said:
 "Anyone who spends time in a barn or has to pull off their garden gloves so they can feel the dirt in their hands has to have this soap. What a find!"

Customer Wendy said this about Tough Girl:
 "Very effective at exfoliating and has a pleasant mild fresh strawberry meet citrusy scent. Refreshing and makes a great pedicure bar too. Thanks for the lovely products, free sample, and fast shipping."