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Two Makeup Tips to Take Years Off Your Face

We all want to look younger--or better.  There's nothing wrong with that.  And it's actually not that difficult to improve your appearance.  And it doesn't always mean you have to resort to plastic surgery.  Here are two simple tips that will shave years off your appearance.

Tip One: Moisturize.

Now before you say duh, let me explain.  I'm not stating the obvious.  We all know that moisturizing will improve the elasticity of our skin and bring back some of the softness it loses over the years due to the natural loss of moisture. 

I'm talking about applying moisturizer under your makeup.  It works wonders.  Take a good, quality moisturizer like my Aloe Vera and Green Tea moisturizer.  Apply it liberally to your face and neck--never forget your neck.  Put little beads of moisturizer under your eyes and GENTLY blend it in.  Step away from your moisturizer and go get dressed or check your email.  Give it a chance to soak in a bit.  This also prevents your makeup from caking up on your face--a really bad thing.

If you are using mineral powder makeup like I do, dab your makeup brush in your makeup and tap off ALL loose powder back into the container.  Swirl the brush around your face to gently apply the powder.  Do this several times until you have the coverage you want.  If you use a matte makeup like mine, it provides medium coverage.  This is usually sufficient to hide the shadows under your eyes.  If you need two coats there, go ahead.  Here's where your moisturizer comes in so handy.  It fills in the small cracks around your eyes and face, plumping them up, so the makeup can glide over the top.  This minimizes the tendency of your makeup to gather in your wrinkles and make them look worse.  The moisturizer also allows your makeup to stay on all day under normal circumstances.

If you are using liquid makeup, please use a makeup sponge--a new one each time you apply your makeup.  You should not be spreading grease and bacteria to other parts of your face--or back into your makeupp.  Dab gently under your eyes.  This is delicate skin that can stretch and tear.  Treat it gently.

Tip Two: Exfoliate Your Lips

Our lips can often reveal our age.  They dry up, loose their plumpness, and as winter approaches we need to remember to care for them.  It's easy to do.  Start with a soft bristle toothbrush and Vaseline.  Apply Vaseline liberally to your lips and GENTLY brush them to remove dry, flaked skin.  Be careful.  Wipe the excess off and immediately follow with a lip balm.  Mine is made with shea butter, other oils and Vitamin E, which restores your skin and provides UV protection.  A good lip balm will seal in the moisture and provide a base for your lipstick.  Before applying your lipstick, wipe off the extra lip balm.  Your lipstick will go on more smoothly and you will not see as clearly the rough condition of your lips.  Of course, if you get in the habit of using lip balm, your lips will stay smooth, won't crack during winter, and you won't dread going out in the cold...well, maybe not as much.

Please check out my website for all of my bath and beauty products.  I can even custom blend makeup for you.

Talk soon, Druann.

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