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Why Do We Cure Soap?

It takes approximately an hour to make a batch of soap, but that's the easy and fast part of soap creation.  First, we have to plan what we are going to make, what oils we want to use, what fragrance or essential oil combinations we want, and what mold is best.  Other questions to ponder?--swirl effect?  colors?  additives?  milk or water to combine with lye? label design?  I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

The above pictured soap is my Slap Your Mamma Good.  I will cut this into 11 bar, plus a few samples.  Right now it must sit 24 hours after I take it out of the mold so it will harden enough for me to stamp it with my company logo, Timeout4me.

Then it sits for another six weeks before I can sell or use it.  Why do we do this?  It's called curing.  Many people believe curing is simply to keep the lye from reacting negatively with your skin.  Of course, we don't want that to happen.  But it doesn't take 6 weeks for the lye to be neutralized.  Some soapers say it's safe in 48 hours.  I've never tested this theory.  I just let it sit.

You see, it's like aged wine.  The longer the soap sits, the harder the bar gets, and the harder the bar gets, the longer it lasts.  The soap also gets darker, taking on its true color.  My Slap Your Mamma soap is not made with any artificial colors (not counting the glycerin embeds).  But as it ages, it gets darker and darker, becoming caramel colored by 4-5 weeks.

I cure my soap in my basement, with a dehumidifier running 24 hours a day.  I keep the temperature set at 67. This helps to keep my soap fresh.  No one wants their soap to "sweat," but this happens if temperatures are off or there is too much water in a batch.

So come back on Jan. 27 and see what my Slap Your Mama looks like, or go check out another one of my many premium cold process soaps.

Druann, soapaholic

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